Extracting Text From Image With OpenCV And Tesseract

Lately, I've been working on some OCR projects in which I got to write C++ for most of the time. Speaking of C++, a language that can blow your whole leg off, though the high performance is intriguing, the whole process of environment setting – configuring – compiling might be unnecessarily daunting, especially to those who have no experience with compiled languages like C or C++.

Scrape historical weather data with requests, BeautifulSoup, pandas and SQLAlchemy

As you may know, many highest-temperature-ever records have been broken in this summer. Another iceberg is floating and melting away. And yet Amazon is red. Climate change is definitely not a goddamn joke. It breathes fire! I have been thinking seriously about climate change for a while now (yeah, just thinking!). And in order to actually do something to bring about changes, it's necessary to understand what is happening out there.

Create The Transformer With Tensorflow 2.0

Today, we are going to create the Transformer entirely from scratch. That seems impossible at first, I know it. But as you will see in a moment, with the help of Tensorflow 2.0 (and Keras at its core), building such a complicated model is no different from stacking up Lego pieces.

Neural Machine Translation With Attention Mechanism

Hello guys, spring has come and I guess you’re all feeling good. Today, let’s join me in the journey of creating a neural machine translation model with attention mechanism by using the hottest-on-the-news Tensorflow 2.0.