How To Turn An Youtube Video To Your Website Background Like A Pro

Recently, I've come across an interesting project for a client whereas I got to turn a Youtube video into home page's background. It sounded simple and I thought: "I should spend like one hour, top, for that". Until God proved that I was simply too naive...

Vanilla GraphQL With NodeJS And PostgreSQL - Session & Authorization

In the previous post, we have gone through a long long journey to rewrite our app to use PostgreSQL. Today, we will get introduced to session management and also have some fun with authorization.

Vanilla GraphQL With NodeJS And PostgreSQL - Adding Database

In today's post, we will replace the in-memory database with a real one that is used a lot in production: PostgreSQL. We will learn how to utilize Docker's power to set up the database in an extremely easy and enjoyable way. Then, we will rework the DB class to interact with the database by building SQL queries. That sounds like a lot of work but believe me, there's gonna be a lot of fun!

Vanilla GraphQL With NodeJS And PostgreSQL - Refactoring

In the previous post, we already set up the application with a GraphQL server. I told you guys that in this post, we will continue to introduce PostgreSQL to replace the in-memory database. However, I had a change of thoughts since it would involve refactoring the source code and then the actual work of introducing PostgreSQL itself. That's why I decided to split it into two separate posts like above. Believe me, in the next post, you will see how easy it gets to start off with an already refactored codebase.

Vanilla GraphQL With NodeJS And PostgreSQL - Setting Up Application

In this post and the next coming one, I would like to walk you through a journey to fire up GraphQL without its fancy friends but just vanilla graphql package. In fact, in the next post when we introduce using PostgreSQL, we won't be using any ORM or SQL builder either. The whole point of doing this is not about giving up using third parties entirely, but to actually see that it's not so difficult to live without them, and most importantly, we will be able to gain a deeper understanding of how things work and appreciate how much third parties make life easier by abstracting away the heavy works.